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Coffee Prices Stabilize but...

Coffee Prices Stabilize but...

Posted by Roaster Rob on Feb 9th 2023

Bisbee, AZ - As retailers of coffee, we at Bisbee Coffee Company have been closely following the news of rising coffee prices in the industry. The market fluctuations that have brought these changes have been a double-edged sword for us, as they have both positively and negatively impacted our bottom line.

On one hand, the higher prices for coffee beans have provided a welcome boost for the coffee producers we work with. This increased revenue for them is a positive sign for the industry and its future sustainability.

However, the rise in prices has also meant that we, as retailers, have had to pay more for the beans we source on top of a new minimum wage increase in Arizona. This has put pressure on our margins and forced us to make some tough decisions about how to balance our costs and maintain our profitability.  

Despite these challenges, we are committed to providing our customers with the high-quality coffee they have come to expect from us. To achieve this, we have been working closely with our suppliers to find the best possible prices, and have been exploring alternative sourcing options to help offset some of the rising costs.

The coffee industry is a complex and ever-changing market, for 26 years Bisbee Coffee Company has always worked to stay ahead of the curve. We understand that the current price hikes may mean that our customers may need to pay more for their favorite brew, but we are confident that our commitment to quality and our dedication to sourcing the best beans will continue to set us apart and help us stay competitive for the next 26 years.