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All Stainless thermal container

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Introducing the latest must-have for all Bisbee Coffee enthusiasts! The Polar Camel all-stainless Thermal Container, a game-changer in the world of caffeine consumption!  Available in three sophisticated yet fun-loving colors - sleek Black for the coffee purist, deep Dark Blue for the dreamers, and vibrant Outdoor Orange for the adventurers. It's designed to match your mood or your outfit. Who said coffee accessories couldn't be fashion statements. But wait, there's more! The lid on this indestructible container isn't just any lid; it's a leak-proof, BPA-free, locking masterpiece, engineered to keep your precious brew safe and sound while you bounce around Bisbee roads. Each container is emblazoned with the new Bisbee Coffee Company logo designed by Award Winning artist Michael Page.  Whether you're scaling a mountain, tackling your inbox, or simply lounging on a Sunday morning, the Bisbee Coffee Company Thermal container is your go-to for keeping your brew at the perfect temperature.