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25 Years!

25 Years!

Posted by Rob Page on Aug 4th 2020

Thank you!

We sat down at the dinner table with a cool idea to open a coffeehouse 25 years ago. We had a little cash and an exceptionally great location in downtown Old Bisbee. With a passion for our product and some exceedingly helpful and patient family and friends we shouted, "Burn the Boats", as we channeled Spanish Conquistador Cortez and embarked on a voyage that had only one destination...up!   We could never have imagined the path that would open up in front of us, our families and the families of those that helped us along the way. 

Now, 25 years later having endured the Covid crisis, mask mandates, enumerable supply chain issues, we pause for a moment to thank you!  Thank you for allowing us to raise the canopy of our shop at 6:30 a.m. just as we have done for the past 25 years.  Thank you for holding us to task, to be better humans, to be empathetic and to learn from our mistakes and grow. We hope to continue this work as long as you feel we measure up and continue to provide a service for another 25 years.

Thank you everyone!

The Page and Teran families